History of Champion Air Compressors

The Champion Air Compressors brand has been an air compressor authority for nearly 100 years.Champion Air Compressors founded in 1919 by brothers Fred and George Rayfield. The brothers began their work in a small shop in Chicago. The business grew, and the operation moved to a larger facility located in Princeton, Illinois with an additional assembly and shipping facility in Manteca, California. Despite its small scale beginning, Champion would later emerge as a leader in the compressor market. The company was acquired in 1998 by Gardner Denver, Inc., which has strengthened its product line and paved the way to continue the heritage of quality products and service.

Types of Champion Air Compressors

Champion Air Compressors HGR7-3HChampion Air Compressors BR5Rotary Screw Champion Air Compressors LV01

Champion manufactures a variety of air compressors, making it easy to find the right one to fit your application. Champion oil lubricated rotary compressors come in a variety of configurations designed to suit your needs for part or full load applications. The HV series, HR series, HRRS series, LV series, and LVR series of products are single-stage rotary vane compressors ranging in power from 1 to 45 kW (2 to 60 HP). The HR series, LV series, LVR series, and HV series are fixed speed compressors while the HRRS series use variable speed technology. Champion rotary vane air compressors offer the smallest footprint available for any rotary compressor in the industry.

Oil lubricated single stage rotary screw air compressors available as the L series and LRS series Champion products. The L-series uses fixed speed technology with 4 to 29 kW (5 to 40 HP) power and can be belt-driven or direct-gear driven. The LRS series are variable speed rotary screw compressors with available power ranges from 7 to 29 kW (10 to 40 HP). The LRS series line of products includes belt driven and direct drive models. Except for the LVR series, all oil lubricated rotary compressors come complete with a quiet enclosure.

For applications that require the air to be free of oil, the Champion oil-less/oil-free compressors are available in multiple configurations and are suitable for laboratory or industrial applications. The CA series and CA series ES come with both an enclosed and unenclosed rotary scroll compressor package, respectively. The MTO II series and V & W series are oil-less reciprocating air compressors. These reciprocating compressors are designed to withstand continuous or intermittent use.

Champion reciprocal tanks are designed to fit a variety of applications ranging from use in the home to use for plant air service. These reciprocal tanks come in an 11 series product line. They are available in single stage and two stage compressor designs. The compressor configurations may be splash lubricated, pressure lubricated, or oil lubricated.

Electric and Gas Engines

Some Champions run on electrical power. However, for operations where electrical service is not available, Champion also offers a selection of gas and diesel engine run compressor units. These engine mounted compressors meet the needs of the field, road service, or truck mounted operations.

Industry Applications

Champion provides air products that serve various needs and can be found in a variety of industries. For years, Champion products have been an integral part of the automotive, industrial, woodworking, agricultural industries. Its fast-growing oil-less/oil free compressors product line is well suited for applications that require a contaminant-free environment such as the medical, dental, pharmaceutical laboratories, and food processing industries.

Why the Champion Brand?

Over time, Champion has built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality air compressor systems and has been a leader in the industry for over 95 years. With almost a century of experience in the compressor industry, Champion understands how its products are best applied in various operating environments, and Champion distribution partners can provide customers with guidance on selecting the right solution for their operation.

Aside from offering a complete line of compressors, Champion also has air dryers, filters, and piping for a total air system installation to fit the customer’s application. Air dryers are a vital piece of equipment to remove naturally formed moisture from compressed air use. Adding this to your air system can aid in extending the life of your equipment and in reducing product contamination. Champion also has products to fill your needs for condensation management, oil/water separators, pneumatic/mechanical drains and electric timed drains for proper handling of contaminated condensation. Champion also supplies lubricants for rotatory and reciprocating compressors. Champion offers a whole array of products to get and keep the customer’s system running.

Champion air compressors are well known for being energy-efficient and reliable. Champion’s oil-lubricated rotary compressors have a life expectancy of up to 100,000+ operating hours. Extended warranties come with terms ranging from one year, and up to a 10-year Platinum Extended Warranty, as applicable to the product.

A Champion Service Representative is also available for assistance with scheduling any maintenance or service requests. With a 24-hour worldwide parts distribution network and over 500 distributors nationwide, Champion products are also readily available for quick delivery. Call us at Air Power Equipment Co. to learn how Champion can help you!

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