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Even the most expensive and well-regarded equipment will fail to operate correctly if it is used improperly. A rotary air compressor and its associated production equipment perform best when used within their design specifications. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations reduces the risk for malfunction or premature failure. As a result, compressed air-powered equipment will operate as designed and deliver the expected service life thereby reducing the need for more maintenance or electrical energy than normal. This guide provides helpful tips for rotary air compressor sales and installation, including models manufactured by FS-Curtis.


The voltage of your electrical system should be measured. This assessment will enable you to match the available power to the electrical demands of the compressor motor. There are motors specifically designed for different levels of voltage and amperage. Operating an electrical motor too far off its design specifications generates excess heat that can lead to reduced motor life expectancy. You can request the full electrical load specifications from the compressor manufacturer.


Because correct emplacement and mounting is crucial, you should ask the OEM that produced the compressor that you are purchasing for a General Arrangement (GA) drawing. This drawing will show the weight and minimum recommended clearances that should be maintained around the equipment. The drawing will also provide information on the strength of the floor required to support the static weight of the unit. If the floor is not flat, use shims to fill the spaces to minimize vibrations and prevent the frame from warping. The compressor must be properly supported and secured in place. These safeguards will prevent the equipment from shifting and placing additional stress on utility connections, such as electrical wiring, piping and ducting. In addition to facilitating adequate cooling airflow, recommended clearances provide an area around the machine for the safe, efficient operation and maintenance of the equipment.


To prevent short cycling of the compressor, air piping should be sized and configured properly. The piping should be supported to prevent vibrations and undue stress. Piping should be at least the same size as the compressor supply connection. Ensure an adequate size pipe is installed between the dryer and compressor.

Ambient Air

Evaluate the condition of the ambient air around the installation location. An auxiliary heat source may be required to ensure that the compressor is not exposed to freezing temperatures. Excess heat must be properly discharged from around the unit. The installation of an exhaust fan and ductwork may be necessary to prevent the compressor from overheating.

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