Winter Rolls Around

When winter rolls around the maintenance and upkeep of your tools and equipment becomes much more demanding. Low temperatures and the possibility of moisture can lead to a variety of issues with your air compressor. Check out our cold weather air compressor maintenance tips and best practices to keep your compressor running through the winter months!

Cold Weather Air Compressor Maintenance

Cold weather air compressor maintenance includes using synthetic oil.Use Synthetic Oil

Most models of air compressors are purchased from distributors with fully synthetic or a synthetic blend of oil in the compressor. These oil types maintain proper viscosity in a wider range of temperatures (which means parts stay lubricated more easily), and allows users to go longer between oil changes. Standard weight oils are not designed to withstand the chemical changes that occur in winter temperatures and can result in greater wear and tear on compressor components.

Cold weather air compressor maintenance includes keeping your air compressor clean.Clean Your Compressor

A pre-winter cleaning is a great way to get rid of harmful accumulations of mud and dirt from the year. This accumulation can lead to leaks and corrosion of your air compressor. A cleaning also allows you to check for wear and tear.

Cold weather air compressor maintenance includes checking the rubber feet of your compressor.Check Your Rubber Feet

While this seems like a minor detail, the rubber feet of your air compressor prevent vibration while the the compressor is running. This vibration can lead to major problems over time. Cold weather tends to crack these feet, so be mindful of them during the winter months.

Cold weather air compressor maintenance includes storing your compressor indoors.Store Indoors

Storing your air compressor indoors will prevent any leftover moisture from freezing inside the compressor, which can quickly ruin the integrity of the system. Indoor temperatures will also keep the oil at a healthy viscosity, keeping parts lubricated and making the compressor easy to start.

Cold weather air compressor maintenance includes starting your air compressor with the valves open.Start Unloaded

Many modern air compressors come equipped with a cold start valve, also known as a discharge tube. Whether its manual or automatic, this valve helps relieve pressure within the compressor’s system when it is powered on. If your compressor is not equipped with a cold start valve, start the unit with tank drains open, just be sure to close them within 45 seconds of start-up.

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