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How Long Do Air Compressors Last? 

Have you ever wondered, how long do air compressors last? Air compressors are amazing machines. They can power pneumatic tools, fill tires, spray paint on cars, and much more. 

But when they start to break down, they can become quite the headache. Air compressors need maintenance, just like any other machine. 

However, if your compressor is taking more trips to the shop because of broken parts than regular, expected maintenance, you may need a new one

Here at Air Power Equipment Co., we’ve broken down the different things you need to know when it comes time to get a new compressor. As always, if you have any questions about air compressors, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit the rest of our website. 

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Signs My Air Compressor Needs To Be Upgraded 

How much is an upcoming repair going to cost you? 

If a repair costs over 50% of what a new compressor would cost, you should consider replacement instead of focusing on repairs. 

What do your life-cycle costs look like?

The initial purchase price of your compressor will only amount to roughly 10% of the total money spent on a compressor during its lifetime. That includes repairs, energy usage, upgrades, and more. While a new compressor may cost more upfront, new compressors are more energy efficient than ever. You might save more money in the long run. 

How long do air compressors last? 

Most compressors have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. If your compressor falls within that range, consider a replacement. But if it’s running smoothly, keep it going! It should last a bit longer if you haven’t had it for ten years. However, if it’s giving you headaches with constant repairs, you might need to replace it early. 

Growing Your Equipment With Your Business 

Do you use an air compressor for business purposes? Consider that upgrading to a more powerful air compressor may be the step you need to take to grow your business. 

A larger compressor can reach higher pressures, hold more air, and weather wear and tear better. 


How To Increase The Lifespan Of My Air Compressor 

Check your oil levels regularly 

An air compressor uses oil to keep its part running smoothly, just like a car. And just like you would for your car, you should check your air compressor’s oil levels regularly! Never let your compressor reach low levels of oil. 

Replace the air filters 

An air compressor pulls in air from the outside. It has to filter debris, dust, and other particles from the air before it can pressurize it in the tank. That filter can get quite dirty over time. If it gets dirty enough, those unwanted particles may slip inside the compressor and cause damage. We recommend changing the filter weekly if you use an air compressor for work. 

Keep it Secured 

If you have a fixed air compressor, it will likely use bolts to fasten it. An air compressor vibrates a lot, which can loosen bolts over time. Before using your air compressor, take a moment to ensure you fasten it properly. Otherwise, excess vibrations might loosen parts within the compressor. 

Empty the Tank 

As an air compressor pulls air in, it will accumulate moisture in a receiver tank. If left in the tank, the water can rust your compressor. Make a routine of emptying the tank after every use. 

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What To Look For In A Compressor Upgrade 

Tank Size 

Tank size dictates many functions for an air compressor. Fill time, power, and duration all stem from tank size. Make sure a new compressor’s tank size meets your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Many new compressors are incredibly energy efficient. But not all of them are. Don’t go through the hassle of getting a new compressor that drains energy as much as your old one. That is what makes the new ones so great! 


Here at Air Power Equipment Co., we hope to have answered your questions about replacing an air compressor.

If you have any more questions, please give us a call, or feel free to visit the rest of our website!

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