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Do business owners need to winterize their offices just as homeowners do? Depending on the circumstance, your office may be closed for the winter months. Or your business has a sprinkler system, or you’re a property manager closing down a pool. Either way, our blog can help. 

So, what tools should you add to your collection? First, a portable air compressor is a great tool all year round, especially during winter. But why should your business buy one? Keep reading to learn how to use an air compressor in winter!

7 Winter Projects To Use An Air Compressor For

How To Use An Air Compressor In WinterHow To Use An Air Compressor In the winter. Close up of yellow air compressor meter in snow.

Ensure you properly test your unit; once you’re confident everything is in working condition before you clear out any water lines. 

If your sprinkler system uses black polyurethane piping, you’ll want to use a psi of 50. If your system is made up of rigid PVC, then a psi of 80 is needed. You’ll want to test your psi output before you clear the lines. 

You’ll want to attach your hose now. First, ensure your hose is long enough to get the job done and clear of any cracks or kinks. Then make sure your drip tray is drained. Clean your compressor filter. Make sure you lubricate any internal parts that have yet to be recently maintained. Finally, check the compressor belts; if you’ve been maintaining optimized conditions, you can get to work. 

How To Use An Air Compressor To Blow Out Your Sprinkler System

Using an air compressor for sprinklers sounds worse than it is, but with our step-by-step guide, you’ll be done winterizing your sprinkler system before you know it. First, you’ll want to shut off the water supply to your system before clearing out water lines. By doing this, you can more easily clear out your irrigation system. 

Next, you’ll open your hose bibs and drain lines of any remaining water. Opening the bib will release pressure and create natural air drainage. You’ll want to give your sprinkler system a few minutes to do this properly. 

Before you start clearing lines, shut off the backflow valves & then open the valve on the air compressor. 

Now attach your compressor hose to the bib on your sprinkler systems mainline. You’ll need to purchase an adapter if the hose isn’t attached correctly. 

It’s important to remember to blow out the furthest sprinkler first and work your way down. For example, some areas are higher in elevation than others. Then you would start with the highest and work down to lower levels.

Once all levels have been cleared, give your sprinkler systems a few minutes to release any compressed air left behind after disconnecting your compressor. Congrats your sprinkler system is now ready for the freezing temperatures of winter!

How To Use An Air Compressor To Blow Out Your Pool LinesHow To Use an Air Compressor to blow out your pool lines. Frozen snow covered pool with ladder sticking out.

To clear out your pool lines, you’ll want to first prep your pool by:

  • Draining your pool below 4″ to 12″ leaving a small amount of water.
  • Remove water from skimmers.
  • Remove drain plugs from your pool filter, pool pump, and heater.

Unlike your sprinkler system, this project is much shorter. You’ll start by connecting your air compressor to the suction side of your pool’s pump. Then turn on your compressor. Clearing your skimmers and main drain completely may take a few minutes. You’ll know you’re done when you see a light mist released. 

Now you’ll remove any water from your filter. Again, depending on your filter, you may not need a compressor. Instead, there may be a setting on your filter to do this. Again, check your instruction manual to see what is required.

Now connect your air compressor hose to the pressure side; this will push water out of the pool jets/cleaner lines. Then plug the cleaner line and jets with pool plugs, and you’re done! 

How To Use An Air Compressor To Winterize Your RV

Before we put your air compressor to work, you’ll want to: 

  • Disconnect your water supply.
  • Turn off your water pump.
  • Turn off the power to your rig. 
  • To be safe, you can turn off your propane.
  • Drain the water tank, water heater, and all holding tanks. 

Now it’s time to winterize your RV with your air compressor:

  • Connect the blowout plug to the city water inlet.
  • Now connect your compressor hose to the blowout plug.
  • Set the air compressor PSI to no more than 30.
  • Now run your compressor and check each faucet one at a time. Finally, open each faucet to let out water until only air remains. 

To be extra careful, you should make your rounds by adding a small amount of RV antifreeze to your p-traps. Then, add a couple of inches of antifreeze to your toilet bowl.

How To Use An Air Compressor To Winterize Your Office Pipes, Tub, and Faucets

First things first, you’ll want to shut off your main water valve. Then, drain hot/cold water from your home into your outdoors. Then you can flush your toilets & open all faucets. 

Connect your air compressor, set it to 70 psi, and open your sink faucets again to let water blow out. Then open the shut-off valve beneath each toilet to allow air to release, and then close your valve. Then cover up any outdoor drains.

For an extra measure, add a little antifreeze to your toilet and bathtub trap. Then follow up by applying heat trace tape to any piping you are concerned may freeze. While you’re at it, adding weather stripping to your property wouldn’t hurt to fight the cold temperatures.

No Snow? How To Use An Air Compressor To Make A DIY Snow Machine!

No snow? No worries! Your air compressor in winter can also be used as a DIY snowmaker. We’ve found a link to help you build a snowmaker using your air compressor. Making a snowmaker is perfect for your business to grab attention if you’re open during winter. It creates community engagement and will make your business remembered fondly by all.How to use an air compressor to make a a snow machine. Blue snow machine making lots of snow.

How To Use An Air Compressor To Clean Your Filters

Need to clean a dirty air filter? Your air compressor can handle this job as well. Inspect the filter to ensure there isn’t any damage, and blast away the dirt. 

How To Remove Snow With An Air Compressor

Are you dealing with a snowmageddon? Are you tired of having to shovel away snow? Why use a shovel when you can use a portable air compressor? Simply blast away the snow, and enjoy the rest of your day. Your employees will thank you. 

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