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Where to Buy Rolair Air Compressors Near Me

Air Power Equipment Company out of Oklahoma City is a company dedicated to providing customers with the best and most versatile air compressors on the market. Below is a list of the different types of Rolair air compressors available to you.

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Hand Carry Air Compressors

The hand carry air compressors offered are designed to be light-weight and quiet. The compressors are able to be moved around and built to handle some damage that may come from carrying them around. They are the perfect compressor to have around the garage to put air in the bike tires or blow up your pool floats.

Wheeled Electric Air Compressors

These electric, wheeled air compressors are designed to give a little more power than the typical hand carry air compressor, but remain at quiet operation level like the hand carry air compressors. These compressors are perfect for those times you need to move it around the house when pressure washing the house.

Wheeled Gas Air Compressors

The wheeled gas air compressor is similar to the electric air compressor, but built for a little more rugged use. These compressors are a great choice for framing and roofing contractors.

Electric Stationary Air Compressors

These electric stationary compressors are great when there is a nearby power source. The compressor is safe for indoor use. They are great to have in a garage to power pneumatic tools and put air in automobile tires.

Gas Stationary Air Compressors

When there isn’t a power source close by, the gas stationary air compressor is the route to take. They are very similar to the electric air compressors as far as power output, but they are not suitable for indoor use. These are the perfect compressors for construction workers or someone working on an outdoor home improvement projects.

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