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A compressor, just like any equipment, is bound to experience wear and tear.  Once that happens, a replacement or repair is due. Using just any compressor parts can cause more harm than good in the long run. What you need are genuine repair parts.  Regular maintenance will replace the parts periodically.

Replacing the parts on time ensures optimal functioning of the equipment. Ensure you only go for parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).   By buying all your replacement parts from us, you’ll enjoy more energy savings, a longer lifespan, high reliability, and a warranty.  We have both national and local stores. So we can have it shipped to your destination. Or better still, if you are in Oklahoma, you can walk to our store and buy the parts you need.

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In-Store and Online Compressor Parts

Are you looking for Quincy, Champion, Dewalt, or Ingersoll Rand replacement parts? We have all these at your disposal. So you can get it if you need a dust filter, oil separator, air filter, or lubricating oil. We offer the service parts you need to achieve reliable functioning and optimal performance.  Shop for compressor parts online or from our local APEC store in Oklahoma.

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All the parts are available from APEC’s Oklahoma City location. Air Power Equipment Company in Oklahoma City offers both used and new compressors. We have various brands, including FS Curtis, Kellogg, Champion, American Compressor, and Quincy.

We are located at 703 N Villa Ave, OKC, OK 73107. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. On Saturdays, we only operate by appointment.  You can reach us at (405) 445-1216.

Compressor Parts for Ingersoll Rand, Quincy, Dewalt, & Champion

The compressor industry is booming. Some companies are common in the industry. Some specialize in a niche industry, while others offer a diverse selection.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is a manufacturer of robust compressors. As the global market leader, it innovates and improves efficiency. The commonly replaced parts are air filters, pressure switches, and gauges.

It has a wide product range for DIYers and even large industrial applications.  They are a popular choice for customers in search of sustainable products.

Ingersoll rand compressors are available in oil-injected and oil-free models from Dublin since 1871.


The Quincy compressor has been providing quality products since the 1920s.  The company has been improving its products ever since then and has high-quality and reliable items. Currently, the company has vacuum pumps, air treatment products, rotary screws, and industrial pumps.

Using genuine parts will reduce the frequency of repair and replacement. The common air parts in Quincy compressors that require regular replacement are the oil separator, oil filter, and inlet air filter. Quincy manufactures pressure-lubricated, portable compressors that are perfect for backup operations at movable job locations.


Champion manufactures high-quality compressors, including rotary screws, reciprocating pistons, and much more.

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Compressor Spare Parts

Preventative maintenance ensures your equipment operates efficiently and leads to cost reduction in repairs. Genuine air compressor parts ensure you continue with your operations smoothly.  With preventative maintenance, you can address the problem on time to avoid downtime.

Regular compressor maintenance can lead to cost savings and reduced downtime.  Cost savings is one of the major benefits of regular maintenance.   An inefficient equipment will increase the energy costs, leaving a huge dent in your revenue. Regular maintenance can reduce energy consumption, improve compressor performance, and reduce operating costs. Certain compressor parts require maintenance more than others. They include:

  • Dust filters ensure no damage and performance loss due to dirt in the internal system.
  • Oil separator: its function is to ensure the compressed air is clean.
  • Air intake filter: it cleans the air that the compressor sucks in.
  • Check valve: This ensures that the compressed air moves smoothly from the compression chamber to the oil tank.
  • Vents and belts require frequent replacement due to oil and dirt accumulation.

Air Compressor Parts, Repair, & Service

When troubleshooting your compressor, you should go for the genuine parts to do the repairs. Common problems you may encounter include:

Excessive Oil

Too much oil in the compressor discharge can cause great damage to your equipment and even affect production.  Excessive oil could be due to worn piston rings, restricted intake, or overfilled oil tanks. But the good news is that regular maintenance can easily solve it.

Too Much Noise

Even though compressors are usually loud, you should check them out if they’re louder than usual. The noise could be due to loose parts that need tightening or improper floor mounting, which you can correct by replacing worn-out vibration pads.

Maintenance is vital to smooth performance. Always use original parts when making repairs. Using original parts helps maintain the optimal performance of your equipment.

Even though original air compressor parts are costly, you’ll save money in the long run. Genuine parts can improve performance and reduce lifespan.  If you need someone to help you with the repairs, ensure you contact someone who is qualified.

Compressor Parts and Equipment in Oklahoma City

Getting the original service parts for your compressor will save you money in the long run.  It will also improve performance and increase productivity. APEC offers both expertise and the essential equipment you need.

Buying your air compressor parts from APEC will make you enjoy convenience, expertise, and cost-effectiveness. We not only sell genuine parts but also offer repair services.

We sell a wide variety of equipment, including replacement parts. Our stores also sell reels, hoses, and lubricants. When making a purchase, ensure you choose parts compatible with your model.

Air Compressor Parts and Functions

Nowadays, compressors are portable and less bulky. They also require minimal maintenance. The equipment is also versatile, and you can use it to unclog sinks or inflate a flat tire. Knowing how compressors work will help you choose the right one.

The air in a compressor gets forced out through an opening in a tank. As the compressed air is released, it gets used as energy. Pressurized air is useful in paint sprayers, sanders, and wrenches.

Air Intake System

The compressor takes in air from the side and exhausts it at the top.  The air from the compressor is wet, dirty, hot, and unsuitable for most applications.  The bad quality can lead to long-term damage to cylinders and valves.  However, air filters work to regulate the coming air in the system.

Compression Chamber

The piston has single-stage and two-stage compressors. In the single stage, the unit compresses the air to one side. Then, it draws the air in when the piston moves down and compresses it as the piston moves up. These compressors are affordable and commonly found in most mechanic shops.

The two-stage compressor has two compression chambers, making it better at cooling than other compressors. However, it is costly and is most common in workshops and factories.

Cooling System

The intercooler cools the compressed gas between the processes. It reduces the gas’s temperature through air or water. The intercooler reduces energy consumption, maintains performance, and prevents excess heat from building up.

The after-cooler cools the gas before it discharges from the system.  It reduces the compressed gas temperature so that it is suitable for storage. It ensures that the temperature discharge is within acceptable limits.

Compressor Parts for FS Curtis

Pressure Regulation System

The role of the pressure regulator is to regulate pressure.  They limit the pressure or maintain the pressure levels.

Compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air required for various applications. Once you perform a service intervention, you will get reliability and performance. However, you should only do it using genuine accessories. Shop the compressor parts online or visit our Oklahoma City store. Get in touch with us today.

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