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Welcome to Air Power Equipment Co. (APEC), your reliable compressor partner! At APEC, we have high-quality industrial piston compressors, repairs, and service for our clients. As industry experts, we work to meet the client’s needs no matter how tricky the fix, how complex the problem is, or how obscure the part is.

APEC provides local and national access to top-of-the-line air compressors with our Oklahoma City based storefront and our nationwide e-commerce platform. To meet the needs of our customers, we guarantee timely shipping. However, if you need an air compressor near Oklahoma City, then APEC is here to provide superior compressor solutions.

What is a Piston Compressor?

A piston compressor, also known as a reciprocating compressor, is an air compressor that uses reciprocating pistons within cylinders to compress air. The pistons move back and forth, drawing in and compressing air to increase pressure. This compressed air is then stored in a tank for various industrial, commercial, or residential applications, such as powering pneumatic tools, inflating tires, or supplying air for HVAC systems. Piston compressors are known for their reliability, simplicity, and versatility.

How Do Piston Compressors Work

The Inner Workings of Piston Compressors

Piston compressors comprise a cylinder with the associated piston compressor, valves, stainless steel crankshaft, and motor. As a piston moves up and down inside a cylinder, an electric motor or diesel engine provides mechanical energy to the compressor, creating a suction force attracting air. When moving upward, the piston compresses air within a cylinder such that whenever it moves downwards, it releases compressed air into the cylinder through the valves. This process repeats to generate compressed air under constant high pressure.

In most sectors, piston air compressors are drivers for pneumatic devices to fill gas cylinders and operate product functions. Their durability, adaptiveness, and ability to work in adverse conditions are unmatched.

How Does a Piston Compressor Work?

A piston compressor draws in air during the intake stroke, compresses it on the upward stroke, and then releases the compressed air for various applications. This cycle repeats continuously.

Piston Compressor Maintenance: Selecting the Right Oil

Picking the right oil and properly lubricating your compressor is essential to its performance and longevity. Maintaining your compressor oil is a part of air compressor maintenance you should never skip. Piston compressor, operating conditions, and viscosity level are all factors one should consider when picking oil for a piston compressor. Consult with an air compressor expert like the technicians at APEC if you are unsure what oil you need for your compressor.

Importance of Proper Lubrication

Regular and frequent maintenance, including oil, will reduce the early wearing out of parts inside your piston air compressors. It also prevents contamination and increases the lifespan of your compressor. You will get the best results when you regularly check the oil in piston compressors and change it regularly. The compressor’s design can influence the oil’s effectiveness and how frequently you use it. Alternatively, consult the owner’s manual or contact APEC for help.

Extending Lifespan and Efficiency through APEC Expertise

At APEC, we focus on providing high-quality compressor products and services to our customers. We have an experienced team of experts in the industry for these types of compressors who will be there for you to ensure that your unit delivers as expected. We’ve covered you, from selecting the correct oil to offering original parts and professional repair services.

What is the Difference Between Piston and Rotary Compressors?

Piston and rotary compressors do one thing, which is air compression. Still, their operations differ almost radically with some pros and cons. It isn’t easy to know what type of compressor would be ideal for a specific job without understanding the differences in the systems.


  • Piston-cylinder mechanism to compress
  •  Creates compression through a reciprocating motion.
  • Produces more vibration and noise due to reciprocating motion.
  • Larger and less portable.


  • Rotating mechanism to compress
  • Creates compression through continuous rotary motion
  • Quieter and less vibration.
  • More compact and portable.

Picking a Compressor Based On Industrial Needs

We understand that each industry has unique needs and requirements in APEC. Thus, we present a selection of industrial piston compressors. We also provide reliable advice on making an informed decision and tailor your choice to your industrial needs.

Air Power Equipment’s Large Selection of Industrial Piston Compressors

At APEC, we have various industrial piston air compressors available to our customers. If there is a unit you want but don’t see in stock, call us, and we can likely get it in stock for you! Our compressors and our business are of superior quality and performance.

Expert Piston Compressor Repair Services and Parts

We understand that you need to keep a well-functioning compressor. For this purpose, we offer quality repair work and various parts for piston compressors and beyond. The skill and knowledge possessed by our experienced technicians ensure the ability to carry out any repair work or maintenance activities adequately.

What are Piston Compressors

Buy a Piston Compressors Online: Fast and Reliable E-Commerce Delivery

Through our e-commerce platform, we can ship an air compressor anywhere nationwide, offering quick and risk-free transport to areas beyond Oklahoma City. We are also fully aware of the imperative need for timely delivery to your industrial needs, and we will offer quick services regardless of where you live.

Empowering Your Industry with Piston Compressor Excellence

The design of piston air compressors continues to be popular across various manufacturing sectors due mainly to their good performance, diversity, and efficiency. At APEC, we do this to ensure that any job you do is stronger with the high-end tools and services we provide.

Contact APEC for Expert Guidance and Quality Products and Piston Compressors

Are you looking for a piston compressor or struggling to maintain your equipment? Contact APEC to receive professional consultation, repair services, and the best-quality compressor products.

With APEC, your reliable compressor partner, you can choose to have a higher-quality compression experience. With our team of experts, top-notch service, and presence nationwide, we provide you with the best industrial solutions. Visit our website for more details, or call us at 405-445-1216 for this type of quality piston and expert services.

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