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APEC is a leading industrial supplier of compressed air equipment, compressors, and parts. For over 35 years, the company has served Oklahoma by supplying major equipment from brands such as Atlas Copco, Bauer, Champion, Campbell Hausfeld, Curtis, and Chicago Pneumatic Compressors. APEC deals with various types of equipment, including air cleaners, air compressor dryers, Blowers, and C-Frame Pressers.

Why Many Industries Use Air Compressors

An industrial air compressor with a tank enhances industrial operations since many industries have adopted modern technology and automation systems. This has significantly changed and improved industrial operations in many ways, including speeding production, reducing human error, and enhancing safety. Irrespective of the type of industries, from those dealing with high-tech aerospace components to those dealing with daily consumer products, characteristics that cement the importance of air compressors include:

Versatility and Wide Applications

Air compressors are useful in various manufacturing tasks. Common applications include automation, pneumatic tools, cleaning and paint spraying, and pneumatic control systems.

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Energy Efficiency

Unlike other power sources, air compressors are very energy-efficient since they incur little energy loss when converting electricity or other forms of energy into compressed air. Air compressors can incorporate into other energy recovery efforts to trap and reuse heat produced during compression to improve efficiency.

Consistency and Reliability

Typically, the methods and technologies used in manufacturing industries must be reliable and consistent. Air compressors help deliver these aspects in various industries by constantly providing compressed air and ensuring industrial machinery and equipment run smoothly without any breaks. This helps reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Environmental Considerations

Many groups advocating for sustainability and environmental consciousness have emerged as industries evolve. Air compressors play a crucial role in reducing carbon footprint emissions in industries. Modern air compressors are more energy-efficient since their design minimizes energy consumption and reduces emissions. This helps manufacturing companies to align with corporate sustainability goals and environmental rules.

How Industrial Compressors Work

An air compressor functions by compelling atmospheric air under pressure to generate potential energy that you can use later. After the compressed air is intentionally released, pressure forms and transforms potential energy into usable kinetic energy. This allows harnessing of the energy transfer to propel different pneumatic tools.

Typically, compression principles are associated with dynamic or positive displacement compression.

Air compressors are common in many activities, such as air conditioning, refrigeration, and gas processing. The classification of air compressors relies on their design and working principle. The role of compressors is to minimize the volume of air or gas or increase pressure. The following are the common types of industrial compressors:

Reciprocating Compressors

These compressors commonly involve high pressure levels. The machines compress gas using a reciprocating piston. Activities that use reciprocating compressors include air compression and gas processing.

Centrifugal Compressors

These compressors are usually in large-scale settings like natural gas processing and power generation. A centrifugal compressor usually compresses the gas using an impeller.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Commonly applied in settings that need an uninterrupted flow of compressed air, like manufacturing activities, rotary screw air compressors usually use two screws for gas compression.

Scroll Compressors

These compressors have intertwining scrolls for gas compression. The scrolls usually trap and compress gas as they move roundly. The industrial application of scroll compressors is usually in air conditioning systems and refrigeration.

What are Industrial Compressors Used for?

Air compressors are common in many sectors because of their efficiency, safety, and effectiveness. The following are ways through which different sectors benefit from using air compressors:

  • Reducing and eliminating errors in aerospace industries
  • Enhancing agriculture by powering machines that help impose harvest and yields
  • Powering construction equipment to perform different tasks
  • Powering pneumatic equipment and tools in the energy sector
  • Enhancing medicine production in the pharmaceutical industries

Industrial Compressor Supplies

Industrial and stage air compressors require various maintenance and operation supplies. These supplies for industrial compressor systems include:

Hoses and Hose Reels

These are tubes used to connect the air tools. Buyers must know essential factors when purchasing these tubes, including length, gauge, flexibility, and temperature limitations.

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Since compressed air can have debris, dirt, or vapor, filters help remove the waste and keep the air output and the compressed air system clean.


Air compressors operating at high pressure usually waste many resources. High pressure can also wear down the equipment’s gears and fittings, reducing lifespan and affecting performance. The compressor’s flow rate is usually in cubic feet per minute. Regulators help reduce the machine’s air pressure to meet the tool’s needs.

Air Dryers and Aftercoolers

Air compression usually generates vapor, which can corrode equipment, damage air tools, and cause piping contamination if not eliminated. Moisture can also promote microbial growth in pharmaceutical and food applications. Air dryers, such as industrial air compressors with dryers and aftercoolers, help enhance the efficiency of industrial air compressors by removing air moisture, helping in air treatment, and increasing air density.

Fittings and Adaptors

These accessories enhance the connection of hoses and air tools in an industrial air compressor.


Lubricators, oil-lubricated tools, and industrial compressors oil coat the internal machinery of tools with a thin oil film. This repels water, preventing tools from corroding and rusting.

When purchasing air compressor supplies, including industrial compressor motors for sale and industrial air compressors for sandblasting, one must ensure that they meet the desired quality. APEC offers quality 80-gallon air compressors that meet customers’ needs.

Industrial Compressor Maintenance

Adopting preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding air compression issues, enhancing reliability, and prolonging the lifespans of air compressors. This helps maintain the system’s optimal performance. Failure to inspect and service key parts of an industrial compressor may cause untimely repairs and replacements. An air compressor maintenance checklist includes the following:

  • Reading the user manual.
  • Frequent inspection.
  • Tightening all fasteners.
  • Cleaning intake valves.
  • Draining the air receiver valves.

It is advisable for individuals seeking industrial compressor maintenance to seek qualified technicians to do the work. Trying DIY may fail to produce the desired results or cause errors which can be regrettable.

Industrial Compressor Parts

Individuals buying industrial air compressor parts and industrial compressors with tanks should always opt for genuine ones. This will help protect the whole system from unnecessary breakages, enhance reliability, reduce operational costs, prolong its lifespan, and enhance performance. Fortunately, many dealers, including APEC, have genuine air compressor parts, essential accessories, and industrial compressors for sale.

Industrial Compressor Parts

Industrial Air Compressor Life Expectancy

Although industrial air compressors can operate for 25 years, their lifespan depends on the number of hours the machine runs, the compressor’s type, and maintenance. Moreover, the industrial conditions under which the compressor gets used can also affect its lifespan. This includes factors such as humidity, dust, and temperature.

Air compressors have revolutionized industrial operations. Industrial compressor systems streamline operations in every manufacturing stage and enhance effectiveness. To avoid any inconveniences, proper maintenance and the use of genuine parts are recommended when dealing with industrial compressor systems.

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