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Haunting Air Compressor Noises


Strange noises come from your air compressor. There is rattling, groaning, and perhaps a whispering sound from the trusted machine. Many people report eerie experiences with an air compressor noise that suggests a paranormal presence. Mysterious voices echo through a workshop, and some vibrations defy explanation.

The incidents left people scratching their heads. Let’s delve into the haunted air compressor world and explore possible explanations for the spine-chilling occurrences. Are they purely coincidental, or is something more sinister at work? Let’s uncover the secrets behind haunted air compressor unusual noises by separating fact and fiction and exploring the spooky realm lurking within the workshop walls.

Why Is My Compressor Vibrating?

Several factors cause compressor vibrations. It is essential to find out why you have a compressor making noise and solve the problem quickly. The four most common factors are

  • Unbalanced rotor blades
  • Worn-out bearings
  • Loose screws and bolts
  • Damaged motor mounts

Air Compressor noise Vibrating Unbalanced Rotor Blades

Unbalanced rotor blades cause a compressor to vibrate. Removing and balancing them is the solution. Bearings keep rotor blades in place. When worn out, they fail to do their job and cause unbalanced rotor blades. Dealing with rotor blades and bearings is a delicate process best left to professionals such as Air Power Equipment Co. in OKC. 

Screws and bolts hold the compressor together. When they are loose, the compressor vibrates. Tightening all the screws and bolts is the solution. Motor mounts keep the motor in place. If damaged, the motor can move around and cause compressor vibration. It is necessary to replace damaged motor mounts to fix the problem.

Air Compressor Makes Loud Noise When Starting

The things you need to check if an air compressor is making a weird or loud noise 

  • Crankcase 
  • Relay
  • Fan
  • Starting capacitor

A crankcase low on oil or needing bearings produces a compressor making noise. A crankshaft or crankcase replacement is often necessary.

Air Compressor Making High-Pitched Noise

 The checklist for high-pitched noises includes

  • Belt and flywheel
  • Line and connections
  • Piston housing

A squeaking compressor noise is an indication of an issue with the belt. Correct the tension by making sure the flywheel and belt are tight. Air escaping from the line and connections causes a hissing noise. Check the pressure gauge to confirm the loss of air. A bubbling sound indicates a failed piston seal.

Examine the oil feed line. You must likely open up the pump if a banging sound comes from the piston housing. Dirty pistons hit the valve plate. Clean the pistons and replace the gasket. If the connecting rod or piston pin breaks, a new compressor is close in price to that of a repair.

Compressor Buzzing Noise

A repetitive clicking compressor noise from the motor may mean the relay fails to initiate a compressor part. It is probably stuck in the power-on cycle. Make sure all connections are tight. The inability to turn on the compressor yet hear a humming sound from the motor indicates that the starting capacitor is bad and needs replacement.

 Other causes of a buzzing air compressor include:

  • Missing or damaged parts
  • Rusted bearings
  • An air leak
  • Motor or pump problems 
  • Unsuitable air compressor size

Frequently, loose components or a misaligned motor bearing are the reason for a buzzing compressor noise. Check any connections, mounting hardware, and motor for loose parts.

Air Compressor Making Popping Noise

A popping noise means there is something wrong with an air compressor. There is a variety of factors that cause the problem. A build-up of pressure is a possibility. A malfunctioning pressure relief valve builds pressure to the point that causes the noise.

Another possibility is a problem with the exhaust or air intake. The compressor works harder to suck air in, which causes noise. A blocked exhaust also makes the compressor work harder to push air out. Check to make sure the air filter is clean. The compressor needs to be properly lubricated. Make sure the pressure relief valve works properly. If the compressor making noise continues, call the professionals at Air Power Equipment OKC for Air Compressor Service & Repair in Oklahoma City. 

Air Compressor Making Rattling Noises

Rattling noises point to air compressor mounts that are loose. The mounts on the inside hold the motor in place. If they are loose, the motor moves inside the compressor. Metal parts in the air compressor hit each other and caused the rattling noise.

Other reasons for a rattling noise are a build-up of dust and dirt on the parts or loose bolts. To fix rattling noises, try the following suggestions. Check if there are loose bolts and tighten them if necessary. Clean dust and dirt build-up on metal parts. Lubricate the moving parts properly. If rattling noises persist, it is time to replace some of the parts.

Air Compressor Making Squealing Noises

Potential causes for a squealing air compressor are

  • Damaged or loose parts
  • Poorly lubricated parts
  • Debris in the fans

Suppose a belt, pulley, or other moving part is loose. In that case, it causes vibration and friction, resulting in a compressor making noise that is a squealing sound. Overtightening the parts also causes squealing. To troubleshoot the issue, look at the moving parts to ensure they are tight but not overly tight.

Poorly lubricated parts squeal for the same reasons – vibrating and friction. Regularly lubricate the moving parts. Over time, dirt, dust, and other debris build-up, preventing the fans from spinning. Carefully remove the debris built up in the blades.

Air Compressor Noise High Pitched Noise

Air Compressor Knocking Noise

There are several reasons air compressors make a knocking noise. It depends on whether the compressor is gas or electric-powered. The most likely reasons an electric air compressor knocks are reed valves that break and float around the compressor, electric motor bearings that break down and fail, or the pistons, rods, and rings that fail.

Gas-powered compressors have problems with internal parts, flywheels, and reed valves like electric-powered compressors. Rods, rod bearings, rings, and pistons break or come loose, causing a knocking sound. The cure is an engine replacement or rebuild.

Air Compressor Making Humming Noise

Humming noises usually signal an electricity issue. Compressors are mobile. If taken away from a power source, have an extension cord with a rating capable of handling the job. The lower the gauge is, the better suited the cord is for outdoor and heavy-duty applications.

Unloader valves release pressure from the tank. If they trap air inside, the stress interferes with the compressor motor, making it unable to start. To relieve pressure, use the hose to empty the tank. Capacitors provide additional energy to kick a compressor into gear. Like batteries, they reach the end of usefulness. A voltage spike, high temperature, or corrosion reduces the function. In that case, replace the compressor or call a professional air compressor service provider.

Grinding Noise from Compressor

Hearing a grinding noise from an air compressor indicates a malfunction needing repair. Possible reasons include

Air Compressor noise Worn Motor Bearings

As compressor pistons wear out, it causes grinding noises. The solution is replacing the compressor. If worn-out bearings produce a grinding noise, schedule a repair appointment to correct the issue. Whenever you hear a grinding noise, shut off the system and call a professional like APEC air compressor repair & service in Oklahoma City.

APEC – The Ghostbusters of the Compressor World

Most air compressors are noisy and loud. They produce rattling, groaning, and whispering sounds that are spooky. The eerie experience has probable causes that are not paranormal. These tips help to determine the cause and fix the problem. It is important to recognize and address a compressor making noise. Perform regular maintenance and seek help from professionals when needed.

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