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 How Do Gas Powered Air Compressors Work?

A gas air compressor is an air compressor that uses gasoline instead of electricity. While they come in different shapes and sizes, they all have essential components that people have to know about to answer the question “how does a gas powered air compressor work?”

The main components that every gas powered air compressors have are a gas end and an air end. The air end compresses air. It has rotor housing and rotors in the rotary screw air compressor design. It also has pistons mounted using the reciprocating air compressor design.

It draws air from the atmosphere into the machine’s compression chamber and forces it into a compact space. The air inside the compact space is compressed by forcing the air molecules to close together.

To provide the power for the machine to move and compress air, they have an engine that comes with the gas end, through which operators fuel the machine.

 Some Other Components of the Gas Air Compressor Are:

APEC gas powered air compressor

• Fuel supply- This is an on and off mechanism used for fuel supply. It supplies the air compressor system with fuel on demand using a calibrator.
• Engine throttle control- This controls the engine’s speed depending on the air demand, and it is activated using air pressure.
• Fuel tank- Holds the machine’s fuel.
• Lifting hook- Safely connects the hoist or crane when operators are removing or mounting the machine.
• Air receiver tank- This is an optional addition to the machine that stores compressed air to give room for additional air on demand.
• Air filters- Purifies the air before it is compressed.
• Battery- Supplies electrical currents for the electronic components of the machine plus the electric engine starter.
• Electronic key switch- Used to turn the machine on and off.
• WHASP tank- Cools and separates air and oil.
• Coalescing filter- Eliminates oil aerosols from already compressed air.
• Unloader- reduces the machine’s sound levels, minimizes fuel use, and reduces the engine load.
• Oil filter- Purifies compressor oil to prevent clogging the engine.

How Do Small 4-Stroke Gas Engines Work?

While answering the question “how does a gas powered air compressor work?” it’s important that people understand how 4-stroke gas engines work too. They are spark combustion engines used to convert gasoline into mechanical energy.

The process that these engines use has four steps:

• Intake stroke
• Compression stroke
• Expansion or power stroke
• Exhaust stroke

When there is fuel in a running engine, the steps are continually repeated to keep the machine running. To drive motion, a combination of pulleys, a tensioner, and a belt (the drivetrain) connect the compressor engine to the other parts of the air compressor.

The drivetrain and the engine are mainly referred to as powertrains.

Intake Stroke

During this first step, air and fuel get into the compression chamber via the open intake valve. Next, the calibrator regulates the amount of both components released to ensure that the correct mix of air and oil gets into the system.

There is a piston in the system that lowers during that process to create a natural vacuum. That vacuum sucks the air and oil mixture into the cylinder. The piston is generally at its lowest to create enough fuel and air to get into the cylinder.

Compression Stroke

As this second step starts, the inlet valve closes. By minimizing the available space within the fuel cylinder, the piston compresses the moisture of air and fuel within the cylinder.

At the final stage of this step, the mixture of air and fuel is at its most condensed state, and finally, the spark plug gives off a spark.

Expansion or Power Stroke

The spark produced at the end of the compression stroke lights up the mixture, which causes combustion. That explosion forces the piston to the engine cylinder’s bottom. The combustion changes the fuel into mechanical energy that powers the machine.

Exhaust Stroke

This is the final step of the process, and it involves eliminating the waste products of the whole process. Exhaust naturally occurs as a combustion byproduct, and it should be expelled from the engine. During this step, the exhaust valve opens and forces the piston to push the exhaust from the engine.

Oil Filtering And Cooling In A Gas Powered Air Compressor


APEC gas air compressor
It is natural for compressed air to generate heat, so cooling is essential to keep the engine from overheating. The common cooling methods used in air compressors are:

• Liquid cooling.
• Natural air convection.
• Liquid-to-liquid heat exchange.
• Air-to-liquid heat exchange.

Reciprocating gas air compressors utilize natural air convection, while rotary screw gas powered air compressor uses an air-to-liquid heat exchanger.

Oil Filtering

The majority of rotary screw gasoline air compressors are generally oil-injected. This is because they depend on oil to lubricate the machine, but they have to filter and separate the oil from the air before removing the air from the machine.

Oil filters help filter dirt, dust, wear, and tear materials from the compressor oil. That keeps the compressor system from recirculating them, which extends the machine’s life.

There are also coalescing filters that eliminate any oil mist from the compressed air stream, then recycle it back to the system. That keeps the oil from leaving the compressor system and getting to the air tools.

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