Kellogg American air compressors is a trusted brand that Air Power Equipment Company offers.Kellogg American Air Compressors

Kellogg American Air Compressors are incredibly reliable and have a reputation for quality. This customer-focused company provides high performing products at a great value. You can feel confident that Kellogg Compressors will deliver the quality that you deserve and will exceed your expectations.

Kellogg American Air Compressors offer products in three main categories: gasoline and diesel compressors, industrial electric compressors, and two-stage compressors. They have just the right air compressor to meet any need. Each compressor is built to the highest standards with superior components.

Gasoline and Diesel Air Compressors

In the gasoline and diesel category, Kellogg American Air Compressors has products built with powerful engines from Honda or Kohler. These compressors are built with a rugged exterior that will allow them to last and they boast an incredible 4000 hours of constant commercial duty. These are great for shop installations and even portable applications.

Electric Air Compressors

If an electric pump is desired, Kellogg Compressors industrial electric option is built just as rugged as its gasoline counterpart. The fan motor is completely enclosed preventing dirt and grime from limiting the performance of the motor over time. The starter is incredibly reliable making start up a breeze. This product is well suited for difficult work environments and job sites.

Two Stage Air Compressors

For heavy industrial applications, consider Kellogg American Air Compressors two stage pumps. These are perfect for truck mounting or other heavy industrial applications. Made from cast iron and machined to perfection, these pumps can handle a serious workload. They are designed to withstand over 8000 hours of continual use. Every element of the pump is created with longevity in mind. This is the perfect compressor for the biggest industrial jobs.

Kellogg American Air Compressors make superior products with the customer in mind. Each one of these compressors contributes to their legacy of quality. For more information, contact Air Power Equipment Company in Oklahoma City, OK. Their knowledgeable representatives can assist in finding the right compressor for your needs.

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