Industrial Applications

Compressed air is used for a variety of industrial applications, including the operation of sophisticated controls and other devices. Some level of moisture is always naturally present in the atmosphere. When ambient air enters industrial air compressors, the temperature drops. If the temperature gets too low, the water vapor in the air will liquefy. In addition to the formation of corrosion and rust, moisture may cause equipment and instruments to malfunction. Industrial air dryers are usually installed in these settings to remove excess moisture before it can adversely affect normal operations. Check out this quick list of reasons why you need to be drying air compressor systems.

Better Equipment Operation

Drying Air Compressor Systems are a specialty of Air Power Equipment Company OKC.

Pneumatic tools, valves and other equipment are typically designed to operate using clean, dry air at certain pressures. The addition of moisture to a compressed air system can create a drag on pneumatic cylinders. It may also produce a drop in pressure. This causes equipment to run slower and less efficiently. Controls, such as relays, convertors, gauges and thermostats, require clean, dry air to function properly. Even small amounts of moisture can cause improper readings and disruptions.

Lower Maintenance Costs

In addition to washing away lubricants, water can leave dirty, wet deposits, which increase wear and tear on seals and bearings. Prolonged moisture can also lead to corrosion that weakens components. A humid environment will reduce the service life of equipment while increasing maintenance intervals and the need for air compressor repair parts. Clean, dry air lowers air compressor maintenance costs, reduces downtime and helps prevent a loss of production.

Eliminate Manufacturing Defects

Compressed air is used in a variety of manufacturing processes to move, clean or mix products. Moisture in the air may trap particles that can contaminate production items with germs or toxins. Water vapor in an air system could cause a drop in pressure that results in the wrong mixture, incorrect blending, poor adhesion or water-logged products. Industrial air dryers will prevent product loss by keeping compressed air systems clean and moisture-free at all times.

Reduced Operating Expenses

During low temperatures, the moisture or water content within the compressed air system may freeze. Along with causing faulty control, this may also result in a complete shutdown of plant operations. These factors can cause a significant uptick in operating costs. Industrial air dryers can eliminate many of the detrimental issues that can disrupt your operations.

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