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How Does A Diesel Air Compressor Work?

A diesel-powered air compressor is a device that uses a diesel engine to compress air. The engine converts diesel fuel into mechanical energy. The compressor then forces air into a smaller space, increasing its pressure. The compressed air is then stored in a tank until needed.

Diesel Compressor Maintenance

Diesel compressor maintenance is vital for avoiding repairs and ensuring your compressor works at its best. Thankfully there are plenty of things you can do to maintain your compressor. Such as:

  • Changing your oil filters every 2,000 hours.
  • Change oil when needed every 100 to 200 hours of use.
  • Change your oil/water separator every other oil change.

Diesel Compressor Oil 

The frequency of changing diesel air compressor oil depends on the type of oil, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the operating conditions of the compressor. Your oil should be changed every 500 to 1,000 hours of operation.

Diesel Air Compressor Filters Maintenance

Here are some of the parts involved in the process of changing the oil in a diesel-powered compressor:

  • Oil drain plug: This plug is removed to drain the old oil from the compressor.
  • Oil filter: This filter removes dirt and debris from the oil.
  • Oil filler cap: This cap is removed to add new oil to the compressor.

Diesel Parts Replacement You Can Do On Your Own

Most people can replace a few parts of their air compressors. These include:

Belts: The belts transfer power from the motor to the driven compressor. If the belts are worn or damaged, it may cause the compressor to overheat or not work.

Valves: Air compressor valves can become damaged or clogged over time, leading to decreased air pressure or even compressor failure. 

Cylinders: The cylinders in an air compressor are subject to a lot of wear and tear and may eventually need to be replaced.

Diesel Air Compressor Problems

Diesel air compressors are a reliable and powerful tool but can also be susceptible to problems. Here are some of the most common problems with diesel air compressors.

Common engine problems include low compression, overheating, and engine misfires.

Common compressor problems include a clogged air filter, low oil levels, and worn pistons.

The valves in an air compressor control the airflow, so valve problems can cause several issues, including excessive noise, reduced performance, and engine damage.

Diesel Air Compressor Won’t Start

Make sure the safety switch hasn’t tripped. The safety switch is usually a red button near the bottom of the compressor. If the switch is tripped, press it to reset it. Check your electrical connection and look for any signs of a fuel leak. If you see any fuel, do not start the compressor. Disconnect the fuel line and have the leak repaired by a qualified technician. 

Diesel Air Compressor Keeps Shutting Off

The compressor may overheat and shut off if the ambient temperature is too high. Make sure to keep the compressor in a well-ventilated area. If the oil levels are too low, the compressor may not lubricate its moving parts properly. It may shut off as a safety precaution. Check the oil level regularly and add oil as needed. If you use the wrong type of oil, it may not be able to lubricate the compressor properly and may cause it to shut off.

Troubleshooting Diesel Compression Systems

Due to wear and tear, you may develop an air leak. Listen for a hiss to confirm and feel along your hose to find the leak. If you find yourself with a compressor that only hums, you should check your intake filter and see if it needs to be replaced. On the other hand, if your compressor becomes overly noisy, you’ll want to check for any loose parts and your piston to see if there is any debris. You may need to replace your vibration pads if necessary. 

Diesel Air Compressor Service

No matter the issue, our techs at APEC can service your diesel air compressor and have you back to your project or the job site in no time. Our technicians can keep your air compressor tip-top with preventative maintenance and, of course, can provide you with emergency air compressor service. We’ll work with you, either at the job site or in-person Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm.

Diesel System Parts In Air Power Equipment Co. Extensive Parts Inventory

At APEC, we have everything you need to keep your diesel air compressor. We maintain an extensive inventory of parts, from valves and hoses to pressure vessels and pumps for all models. 

Diesel Air Compressor Repair Near Me

If you notice any problems with your diesel air compressor, it is important to have it serviced by a qualified technician as soon as possible. Our APEC technicians can handle any repair your compressor may need, such as:

Diesel air compressors are powered by engines, and like any engine, they can experience problems such as overheating, misfires, and fuel leaks.

The compressor is the heart of an air compressor, and it can experience problems such as worn bearings, damaged pistons, and leaking valves.

Diesel air compressors have complex electrical systems that can be difficult to diagnose and repair.

Diesel Sales

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Diesel Air Compressor For Sale Near Me

We are a trusted supplier of industrial air compressors, specializing in a wide range of diesel compressors. We maintain a diverse selection of diesel compressors. Our experienced team is committed to helping you find the best diesel air compressor for sale. We also provide thorough guidance on safely and effectively operating our compressors.

Sandblasting is a process that uses compressed air to propel sand at a surface. Sandblasting cleans, smooths, and prepares a surface for painting or other treatments. Diesel compressors are a popular choice for sandblasting because they provide the power and air volume needed for this type of work.

Diesel compressors are often used to power pneumatic tools, such as nailers, drills, and saws.

Diesel compressors are used in various manufacturing applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and food processing industries.

Diesel compressors power pneumatic tools, such as sprayers and air drills, which are vital for farmers. These farm compressors are very popular among farmers.

Diesel Air Compressor Farming and Agriculture

Diesel Compressor Sizes

We offer an extensive selection of diesel air compressors for sale online and in person. Our inventory encompasses diverse options, from diesel air compressors capable of delivering 185 cfm at 100 psi to those providing 260 cfm at 100 psi. Whatever task you have at hand, we can assist you in finding the ideal size that perfectly suits your needs.

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