There are many compressors available, including what size air compressor I need.

What size air compressor do I need?

It is a tough undertaking to determine what size air compressor you need. Ideally, you want one that is perfect. You need one not too large as it becomes underutilized, and not too small for it will not be quite enough. Given that you want maximum efficiency, you will want to arm yourself with the right knowledge to get the right kind of air supply. Let us help you take the right steps and ultimately make the right decision by suggesting some criteria to consider. You may start your research by asking yourself the following questions.

What type of project am I getting a compressor for?

If you expect to work on bigger, heavier and more work intensive construction projects, they will demand a compressor on the heavier side of the scale. If your project requires the use of an air-compressor regularly, you might want to go for a bigger size too. On the contrary, if you are not looking to use the compressor many times, a small one should be enough. Although this may not help you arrive at a specific size, consider this a good starting point.

What type of air tools will I utilize?

Small air compressor is what size air compressor you need for air powered tools.If your tools require regular air, like a sandblaster for example, an expert will advise you to choose one with a bigger tank and more airflow to provide consistency. Meanwhile, operating machines such as the Brad Nail Gun will have you looking for a small compressor. That is because such equipment is normally not in constant use.

Do I have enough room?

Air compressors with large tanks will need a lot of space to sit in both when operating and resting. The type of space you can afford to set aside for the compressor highly determines what size air compressor you should go for. For instance, a 6-gallon pancake compressor can be stored comfortably in almost any garage. On the other hand, a 30-gallon stationary unit will require much more space.

What power source is available?

The type of power source available will also affect the decision you make. While most air compressors can plug into the ordinary home electrical outlet, some require more than 240 volts to operate. This is far more than what the average 120 volt U.S. wall plug can supply. Some also come with an alternative of starting up with gasoline when an electrical outlet is not an option, which is more convenient and gives you freedom.

Where will I be using the air compressor?

A small air compressor on wheels is what size air compressor I need.The way you intend to use it and the location play a large role in this decision process.  Contractors tend to move around with their tools. Heavy-weight machinery would be far less practical for when you are distinguishing what size air compressor you need for mobile contracting duties. However, if most of your projects are stationary in a workshop or a garage, you probably will not worry about this factor as much as about the compressor doing the job. Another option you may consider if you require mobility, is equipping your compressor with wheels. Whether that would be putting it on a trailer or simply on the bottom of the compressor itself depends on the available trailer and the weight of the compressor.

What difference does tank size make?

Tank sizes define the compressor’s ability and should be a determining factor as well. The tanks can hold anywhere between one and 60 gallons of air, and at times they can hold even more. The tank size determines how long air tools can operate before the motor in the compressor has to pause and generate back creating more compressed air.

Once you answer the questions above, the size you need should be easier to figure out. The above described needs will lead you towards the answer, and if you account for all of them in the process – the resulting compressor choice will fit your needs.

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