Air Power Equipment Co shows you air compressor uses

Uses of Air Compressors

As the name suggests, an air compressor is used to compress and store air in a compartment to be used later. It would almost be impossible to imagine a world without air compressors. There are different types of air compressors, which all have different uses. When you think about it, you use an air compressor in your everyday life, more than you may be aware of. Some of the most common air compressors are centrifugal compressors, rotary sliding vane compressors, piston/reciprocating compressors, and rotary screw compressors.

Air compressors can be categorized as industrial air compressors, commercial air compressors, or consumer air compressors. So, what is an air compressor used for?

Air Power Equipment Co shows you uses of air compressorsConstruction

Air compressors are used in the construction industry for a range of pneumatic tools and equipment. They use air compressors to power drills, compactors, and hammers. Variable flow streams are usually needed so that rotary screw air compressors will be found in nail guns, jackhammers, and compactors. Since it is essential to have uninterrupted power when construction is ongoing, remote areas with no electricity can use diesel and petrol to keep the compressor running throughout.


When it comes to farming, air compressors power up machines such as sprayers, tractors, crop conveyors, and pumps. Greenhouse ventilation machinery and dairy farming also require compressed air, which distributes clean and steady air. In colder regions, compressed air can be shot through irrigation systems and pipes. This winterizes them properly, keeping their interiors water-proof and maintaining their quality and longevity.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Rotary screw models are built in the air and heat pump system of an HVAC unit. Rotary screw models conduct vapor compression refrigeration. The rotary screws compress air vapors, raise the temperature, and modulate the all-important refrigerant cycles to signal HVAC systems’ cooling.


The manufacturing industry, probably more than any other industry, relies on compressed air’s different functions. Rotary screw equipment enhances manufacturing productivity as they power the conveyor belt, sprayers, presses, and packaging. Rotary screw equipment helps pharmaceutical, food, and beverage manufacturing by ensuring that the products are contaminant-free and tightly sealed. They are also used in metal fabrication, plastics, and other shaping and molding manufacturing.

Energy Sector

In the energy sector, oil drilling heavily relies on air compressors for functionality. For the crew’s safety, it is important to have dependable air compressed drilling equipment. This also allows continuous workflow with a lack of interruption, which can be caused by a slight malfunctioning part or a stalled power source. Air compressors also have a spark-free delivery and stable outputs.


Diving heavily relies on air compressors. Diving tanks/cylinders are filled with filtered compressed air, which helps divers breathe underwater. There is a high and low-pressure variation dependent on the depth of the dive. Other professionals like underwater welders, marine contractors, and submarine workers also require compressed air stored in tanks.

Air Power Equipment Co tells you what is an air compressor used forAutomobile

Inflating tires is one of the most common uses of compressed air. However, the use of compressed air in automobile mechanics and body shops goes beyond inflated tires. Air compressors in automobile repair shops are used in auto body work like repainting cars. It is also found in automobile tools like blowguns, couplers, dryers, lubricators, brushes, and horses. These air compressor pneumatic tools are used to elevate the quality of their work and speed.

Party Planning

When it comes to party planning, air compressors come in handy when inflating any relevant party materials. For instance, a bouncing castle requires compressed air, and an air compressor is the only machine that delivers an air stream that is fast enough. It could also be used to fill up balloons faster and more efficiently than doing it yourself. Paintball guns also need compressed air, which re-pressurizes the gun.


Rotary screw equipment is essential for trains and subway air brake systems. This needs direct, stable, and reliable flows that rotary screws can deliver. Without compressed air, the subway systems and locomotive industries across the world would find it hard to brake safely.

Dry Cleaning

Most Laundromats have air compressors, with a range of pressurization and sizes. These air compressors can spot treat, press clothes, de-wrinkle, and recover solvents from delicate materials that probably cannot be handled by washing machines.

Yard Work

Crafty homeowners, contractors, gardeners, landscapers, and ground keepers have found a way to save their time and energy when maintaining their garden space. It is possible to use air compressors for their property or yard work instead of using the typical manual tools. There are hoses attached to air compressors, then used to remove debris or leaves from the yard. If there are puddles of water pooled up in an area causing inconvenience, higher-powered hoses can move that water.


Most everyday life crafts use compressed air. For instance, staple and nail guns, spray painting, airbrushing, and air-blow guns. Given the right tools and creativity, crafting projects can be on a whole other level. These tools are usually handheld and pneumatic; therefore, getting rid of electric cords, which can be a nuisance. They are also easy to use because they are lightweight.

These are some answers to what is an air compressor used for. Other than the listed uses, there are many other ways that air compressors can be used. Here at APEC Oklahoma, we are your local experts on new and used air compressors sales and maintenance. Contact us and check out our product catalog for the available air compressors for use at home or industrial purposes. Buying from a reliable source ensures you get the right product at the right price.

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