Sometimes problems may arise with your air compressor that might seem bad at first glance, but actually have really simple solutions.  Check out these easy tips for DIY troubleshooting air compressors!

Compressor will not operate

In the middle of a problem, it’s easy to overlook the most obvious solution.  First check the electrical power and make sure it’s turned on.  If that fails, push the reset button.

With the most obvious solution checked and accounted for, check the oil level.  A low oil level may hinder the compressor’s functionality.  If the oil level is low, replace as necessary.

Check the pressure switch adjustment to ensure that the switch is making contact.

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Excessive Noise in Operation

It’s important to check for loose hardware that might need to be tightened.  Check the pulley, flywheel, belt, belt guard, cooler, or clamps, and if any are loose, tighten accordingly.

If everything is securely tightened and you are still hearing noise, check the oil in the crankcase.  If it’s low, replenish accordingly.

A piston may be hitting the valve plate.  Remove the compressor cylinder head and inspect for foreign matter on top of the piston. Clean accordingly and reassemble the head.

It’s also possible that the compressor floor mounting might be loose.    Tighten the bolts on the air compressor. It may also be a good idea to replace your vibration pads.

Similarly, knocks that occur during compressor operation could simply be due to a loose flywheel or connecting rod.  Check and tighten accordingly.

Milky Oil in Oil Reservoir

Water entering oil reservoir could simply be due to your compressor operating in high humidity environment.  Pipe the air intake to a less humid air source and be sure to drain your tank daily.

Excessive Oil Consumption

If you find that your compressor is consuming a lot of oil, first check the air filter.  A dirty air filter can cause your compressor to run less efficiently and consume more oil.  Clean or replace air filter as necessary.

Your compressor could be leaking oil.  Check your bolts for tightening and replace the gasket as necessary.

Another possible culprit could be piston rings that have worn down.  Replace them if needed.

Excessive oil consumption could also be due to the oil you’re using rather than the compressor itself.  Make sure you’re using the proper viscosity oil. If that’s the culprit, drain the oil and refill the compressor with proper viscosity.

It’s possible that your compressor may be excessively tilted.  Level your machine.  You may find that vibration pads help with this. Let Air Power Equipment Co assist in troubleshooting air compressors in the OKC metro!

If you’ve tried the above and you’re still having trouble, then give Air Power Equipment a call at (405) 445-1216 and we’ll take the troubleshooting from there!

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