Rolair Air Compressors

There are many compressors on the market, but none quite like Rolair. Rolair air compressors are unmatched in power, durability, and quick recovery. They are a quality product that can withstand countless hours of jobs and keep performing at its peak. Here are some key features to take into consideration of why Rolair’s attention to detail in products makes them stand out:

Rolair air compressors are built to last.First, Rolair air compressors have a much longer life expectancy. If properly operated and maintained, your Rolairsplash lubricated air compressor is capable of achieving 6,000-8,000 working hours. Compared to most homeowner oil-less compressors that are built to provide 200-400 working hours of service. Most of the models are also built with S1 motors, which are rated for continuous duty, unlike many high-speed oil-less machines that can only be subjected to 50% duty and must be operated 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off.

Power: With its relatively low horse-power and RPM, many customers find the Rolair to be the quietest running compressor they’ve ever owned. This makes the Rolair perfect for contractors, builders, and roofers who don’t want to disturb suburban areas while on a job. At 79 decibels you can carry on a normal quiet conversation right next to the running compressor!Handy cary rolair compressor.

Recovery time:  A compressor’s primary function is to provide a reliable flow of high-pressure air to pneumatic tools or other accessories. The delivered airflow rating, in cubic feet per minute (CFM) at a given pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI), tells you how much air a compressor delivers. The airflow rating of the Rolair air compressors you choose should exceed the air requirements of your highest-demand tools by about 50 percent. If you plan on running multiple devices off a single compressor, add up the air requirements of all tools in simultaneous use to find a unit with sufficient air capacity.

Wheeled gas Rolair compressor.Durability: When you compress air, moisture condenses and falls out. This means you want something that is going to withstand some moisture. The biggest difference between other compressor brands and Rolair is its critical reed valve is Stainless steel. Rolair engineered their critical reed valve to withstand moisture better than any other product on the market. Rolair’s air compressor are also made with a durable cast iron cylinder and their motors are rated for continuous duty, which means you can use this unit non-stop all day. With a competitive price, Rolair compressors are a smart investment for anyone in the market.

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