Learn the history of the air compressors with APEC.

The History of Air Compressors

The History of Air compressors has been around for a long time. The first sign of air compressors was in the late 1500s. The first form of air compressor was called a Bellow. And these are The bellow is the start of the history of air compressors.an invention that was used with two hands. There are two handles that are connected by an expandable bag. At the end of the invention is a nozzle where all the air is released. How it works is that the two handles coming together and expand. This action creates and stores are in the expandable bag. This function is very similar to the human lungs. When you breathe in, You lungs fill with air. When you exhale, you release all of the air that was stored in your lungs. Similar to this machine. When you push the handles together, it releases the stored air in the expandable bag out of the nozzle. They were used for creating fireplaces due to the lack of fire creation methods.

After came an innovative blowing machine that was constructed by the use of water. This was invented by a man named John Smeaton. He was an engineer that created the water-air compressor in 1762. This innovative machine has since created a foundation for all of the air compressors that we have to date.

The Innovated Turning point

In 1888, there was an engineer from Austria that had created the very first Compressor Plan in Europe. The man who created this was Viktor Popp. He located his plan in Paris, France. With this innovative breakthrough, there have been many engineers that had taken the ideas and mad their own spin on the idea. Through the ages, the modern air compressor came about.

Throughout the years, Air compressors have come a long way. They have to utilize the dynamics of air power for each job they perform. They have come out with a vast variety of air compressors that can fit each job. They have commercial sizes that can help with the business module of a business. On the other hand, they have residential air compressors. These are meant for various projects around the house. With the advancement of the air compressors, then comes accessories. There have been many accessories that have come with the history of the air compressors.

The history of Air compressors dates back in our history. There have been various uses for air compressors and are constantly evolving with age.

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