Air Compressor Facts

A smaller horsepower model, like a 5hp air compressor or 7.5hp air compressor could be a great investment to your shop or garage, but not a lot of people know about them. In our business, we find that it’s a common misconception that air compressors are simply industrial devices meant only for large-scale operations. In fact, air compressors literally come in all shapes and sizes and some of those shapes and sizes are better suited for individual consumer use, like 5hp air compressors and 7.5hp air compressors.

Air powered nail gun can be operated with a 5hp air compressor Air compressors can be used for a variety of jobs and applications, but broadly speaking they can be broken down into two categories; consumer use and professional use. Consumer-grade air compressors are useful devices that can save you time and headache around the house. Consumer-grade are typically single-tank, portable and are affordably priced. These types of compressors are made for household tasks, like inflating tires, toys and sports equipment. They are also suitable for occasional air powered tool use to dramatically decrease the amount of time spent on a project. If you do a lot of these tasks around the house, a 5hp air compressor to 7.5hp air compressor might be right for you.

These smaller models have a lot of benefits; many homeowners can use these more portable compressors (either hand-carried or wheeled) to move easily from the garage to the house, yard or roof. Commonly used air tools such as air nail guns, air drills, and impact wrenches that need about 0–5 CFM (Cubic feet per minute β€” units in which air flow is measured) can all be powered by these smaller models of air compressors. As the CFM gets higher for tools however, make sure to ask our experts about loss of performance using bigger grade tools that run at higher PSI on smaller air compressors. It’s important to know if the compressor you purchase will power the air tool you’ll need for your project. For example, smaller air nail gun run on 2 to 5 CFM at 70 to 90 PSI, while larger shears, air sanders require up to 10 or more CFM and 100+ PSI.

Generally, a 5hp air compressor or 7.5hp air compressor is ideal for your home, garage, or toolshed and provide you the flexibility to power multiple tools. Stop by our showroom at Air Power Equipment today for a demonstration and find out if a smaller unit may be right for you. We now stock Rolair, a manufacturer of excellent consumer grade and industrial type air compressors. You will also find our FS-Curtis brand consumer grade compressors superior for consistent reliability for your home needs.Rolair two stage pump air compressor

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