11 Apr Should I Use Gas or Diesel Air Compressors?

Should I Use Gas or Diesel Air Compressors?

Air Power Equipment Co in OKC advises on gas versus diesel air compressor purchases.Air compressors convert and store energy for later use, and they are useful in many fields. However, there are many different types. Most common are either gas or diesel air compressors.

Types of Compressors

Most manufacturers feature gas, electric and diesel engine machines. Some portable models are practically indispensable around the farm or shop. There are even dual compressors that they mount on one tank. These dual compressors can work alternately or at the same time with additional power.

Pros and Cons

Gas air compressors do not produce the thick fumes of diesel engines, but diesel engines are typically used for outside jobs anyway. Diesel versions also feature idle reduction to reduce fuel and maintenance costs so that diesel engine air compressors can last longer. Both versions have portable models. They can be carried or rolled to where you need them.

Industry Applications

Both gas and diesel options are used in industrial and trades-related business, automotive shops and farms. Regardless of type, any job or production process that uses compressed air needs a quality compressor. The model choice is dictated by the industry in which you plan to use the compressor. Does it need to be portable, or does your application require a stable, mounted compressor? Do you need the dual power occasionally or continuously? What about power failure? This last point is the primary drawback of an electric version.

Why Buy Quality?

Should you buy gas or diesel air compressors for your project needs? Learn more with Air Power Equipment Co, the OKC air compressor one-stop-shop!When you choose a model from Air Power Equipment Co. in Oklahoma City, whether you select diesel or gas, you get a trusted brand and individualized expert help. We advise you to consider all the pros and cons of each machine, do your research and never fail to ask an expert. It is always wise to choose a company who knows what they sell.

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