FS-Curtis CA10 UltraPack Duplex Tank Mounted Air Compressor Unit 460V Three Phase

  • 460V Three Phase
  • Rated at 68.4cfm at 175psi, 175psi Max
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • 1311 lbs
  • L– 96’ W– 32’’ H– 53’’



FS-Curtis CA10 Duplex UltraPack Air Compressor Unit

Three Phase, 10hp Premium Efficiency Electric Motor with a 120-Gallon Horizontal Tank
5-year limited warranty, Bumper to Bumper

  • 460V Three Phase
  • Rated at 68.4cfm at 175psi, 175psi Max
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • 1311 lbs
  • L– 96’ W– 32’’ H– 53’’


• Splash lubricated
• ASME air receiver (vertical or horizontal)
• UL approved pressure switch
• OSHA approved totally enclosed belt guard
• ASME approved safety relief valve
• ASME approved discharge air service valve
• Slow V-belt drive
• Large metal intake filter-silencers
• Tank shut off valve
• Dial read-out pressure gauge indicator
• Oil level sight indicator
• Factory filled lubricant
• NEMA-1 Alternator control panel
• Standard two power source
• Magnetic motor starter (60Hz)
• Premium Efficiency Motors (3-phase only)
• 3 Position alternator switch
• Automatic Star-Stop control

Ultra Pack Advantage:
• Air-cooled aftercooler
• Low oil level shutdown (NEMA 1)
• Automatic tank drain
• Tank isolator pads
• UltraShield 5 year warranty



Meticulous material selection ensures long-term reliability.
• 100% cast-iron cylinders and cylinder heads
• Long-lasting, corrosion-resistant crankshaft
• Reduces thermal stress for increased reliability
• Deep-finned cast-iron cylinders and cylinder head for cool operation
• Slow-turning pump increases pump life

The most robust reciprocating air compressor in its class.
• Provides higher pressures, better efficiency and longer life
• Ready to handle rugged, heavy-duty applications

For extended product life and continuous performance.
• Industrial-grade main roller bearings are precision fit for support of all rotating parts
• High-flow, heavy-duty stainless-steel valve system delivers more cfm per horsepower
• Robust intercooler increases compressor efficiency
• Metal intake filter/silencer is superior to plastic
• Heavy-duty stamped-steel belt guard
• Suction valve head unloaders for continuous running air compressors

CA Series compressors are already an outstanding value, and an FS-Curtis UltraPack gives you even more. An UltraPack includes a CA Series compressor fully packaged with the most common options and accessories. You’ll save money and time by getting it all in one package, and you’ll be assured of increasing air quality while reducing maintenance needs. Industry-leading five-year UltraShield warranty available — talk with your FS-Curtis representative for more details.
• Air-cooled aftercooler
• Magnetic motor starter (Simplex)
• Alternator panel (Duplex)
• Dual control (10-15HP Simplex)
• Low oil level shutdown
• Automatic tank drain
• Tank isolator pads
• Factory oil filled

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