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Filters / Regulators / Lubricators

Arrow Filter/ Water Trap

Particulate Filter Assembly with 40 Micron Replaceable Element & optional Auto Drain

USA Made

Standard Flow 48 -100 CFM

F352 1/4”, F353 3/8”, F354 1/2”

MidFlow 160 -250 CFM

F374W 1/2”, F376W 3/4”, F378W 1″

F384W 1/2”, F386W 3/4”, F388W 1”

HighFlow 260 – 425 CFM

F-329-06W 3/4”, F-329-08W 1”, F329-10W 1-1/4”, F329-12W 1-1/2”



Arrow Pressure Regulators

Reinforced diaphragm fore repeated accuracy

Three position non-rising adjustment knob

Relieving style standard

Standard Operating pressure range 5-250psig  Flows from 25 to 700SCFM

USA Made

Optional, Gauge, Low Pressure (3-60psi) Instrument Pressure (3-20psi), Panel Mount, Non Relieving, T-Handle Adjustment

Mini Regulators

R161  1/8” , R162  1/4”   25SCFM Max

Standard Regulators

R352 1/4”   50SCFM Max, R353 3/8” 80SCFM Max, R354 1/2” 100SCFM Max

MidFlow Regulators

R374 1/2” 215SCFM Max, R376 3/4” 220SCFM Max, R378 1” 250SCFM Max

High Flow Regulators

R398 1” 600SCFM Max, R3910 1-1/4” 700SCFM Max, R3912 1-1/2” 700SCFM Max

Arrow Combination Filter Regulator

Replaceable 40 micron element

relieving regulator Zero creep

machined brass valve seat

3-position, non-rising adjustment knob

100 SCFM max flow- Standard Only

USA Made

Optional: Gauge, Auto Drain, Low Pressure (3-60psi), Overnight Drain, Panel Mount, 3 or 5 Micron Absolute Element

Miniature Integral Filter/Regulator Combo

B741 1/8”, B742 1/4″ 20SCFM Max

Standard Integral Filter/Regulator Combo

B752 1/4” 50SCFM Max, B753 3/8” 80SCFM Max, B754 1/2” 100SCFM Max

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