Pressure Switches & Motor Starters | Air Power Equipment
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Pressure Switches & Motor Starters

Furnas Pressure Switch

1/4” NPT, Pressure Range in PSI:95-125, 115-150, 145-175


Made by Siemens

Furnas Pressure Switch with Manifold

1/4” NPT with three auxiliary ports, Pressure Range in PSI:95-125, 115-150, 145-175


Made by Siemens

Hubbell Heavy Duty Pressure Switch

3/8” NPT, Pressure Range in PSI:95-125, 115-150, 145-175



Made by Siemens

Magnetic Motor Starter

Definite Purpose Motor Starter with Contactor, Overload Relay, Heaters and Box

3hp to 30hp 200/230/460 volt, Single or Three Phase

Safety Valve

ASME Coded Safety Valves, 1/8” to 2”NPT 10-500psi

Special Pressures, Capacities, and Thread Sizes Available Upon Request

Pressure Gauges

Lower and Center Back Mount 0-300psi

1/8 & 1/4” Standard Range: 0-30psi, 0-200psi, 0-300psi

Liquid Filled and other Sizes, Ranges Available

Ball Valves

1/8” to 2” Ball Valves

Pilot Valve

Pressure Control Valve For Gas Powered Air Compressors with air powered unloaders (APU) Champion, Curtis ML Series, Quincy QR Series

95-125psi, 145-175psi

1/4” inlet, 1/8” outlet, with 3/8 bolt mounting boss

Timed Auto Drain

Granzow Auto Condensate Drain, Adjustable Timer Auto Tank Drain

Heavy Duty, User Friendly

120volt, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” NPT

ASME Compressed Air Tank

Available in 30g, 60g, 80g, 120g, 240 gallon, Vertical or Horizontal

200psi Max

Other tanks available upon request

Belt Guard

Universal Air Compressor Belt Guard

Vibration Pads

Vibration Isolator Pads 4”x 4”x 1”

Rotary Screw Parts

Blow Down Valve

Inlet Valve

Inlet valves must be serviced or replaced

Shuttle Valves


Minimum Pressure Control Valve

A one way valve that is designed to maintain a set pressure for proper lubrication and coolant flow.

Humphrey Control Valve

Thermostatic Oil Bypass Valve

Thermo Control Valve will let oil bypass oil cooler until set temperature is reached. A common problem in rotary compressors that overheat.

Cash Acme Pilot Control Valve

Pressure control valve for rotary compressors with modulation control